New Photography Blog Launched

Hi everyone, just a quick update to say I’ve launched my site for learning photography, UnlockCreativePhotography! UCP is aimed at photographers who want to improve their abilities, so it complements this blog. Hence, don’t worry, I do still plan on posting here! I’ve just been so busy with the other site that I haven’t had the chance – once it’s moving smoothly I’ll get back to this one.

Fresh Content Coming Soon

Just a heads up that the blog is now fully functional, so expect new posts here in the coming days. Be sure to also check out Unlock Creative Photography to get a free guide to learning photography faster.

Pulled Pork Poutine

In the meantime, check out this beautiful and delicious pulled pork poutine from Willy’s Poutine – I’m not usually a poutine fan, but when I shot these photos I became a convert.